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Written Testimonies!

“I found this retreat online, registered and traveled across country by myself. I didn’t know a soul coming but I left with stepmom sisters. I know I’m going to make it now!”- Dallas Retreat
“My husband was worried the retreat was going to be a big complaint session. NOTHING could be further from that. Women shared their struggles. Even the speakers shared struggles. But everyone was encouraging. It wasn’t complaining. I left feeling understood, encouraged and knowing what I struggle with is normal. I gained friends and tools to help me on this journey.”- Dallas Retreat
“It’s helped me to understand what normal struggles look like for a stepmom. I’m not alone in how I feel. The retreat really encouraged me!”- Dallas Retreat
” I truly appreciated the honesty and sincerity of all the presenters. I needed truth.”- Dallas Retreat
“I loved all the women I met in Dallas. We were like sisters from the start. They understood and felt the same way I did. It truly helps to have someone get it.”- Dallas Retreat
“I found HOPE, and I learned it’s ok if it doesn’t turn out like I want it to. My stepkids may one day come around, but it’s possible they may not.”- Dallas Retreat
“ I deal with a former spouse who refuses to effectively co-parent. I found coping skills, and tools that showed me what to do and say and what NOT to do and say.”- Dallas Retreat
“this has been the best investment I have made in myself and in my marriage and stepfamily. I’m going home refreshed and encouraged.”- Dallas Retreat
“Indescribable! Perfect timing”- Dallas Retreat
“This retreat lifted a weight from my shoulders.”- Dallas Retreat
“My marriage was almost over when I came to this retreat. My husband even asked me to move out. But now I have found help, and what I need to try again. I think we will make it now.”- Dallas Retreat - Oct. 2013
“My husband sides with his kids rather than with me, and I feel like I don’t matter. At this retreat I discovered how to talk with him without getting into a fight. I finally have hope.”- Dallas Retreat
“I now feel validated in my feelings toward my stepson. I found a network of ladies to share with, and practical strategies to use with my stepfamily. I no longer feel alone in the journey.”- Dallas Retreat
“I really appreciate how the presenters shared their own hurts. They gave us practical tools and they understood my pain because they have lived it too!”- Dallas Retreat
“I learned that I’m not alone; this is worth it in the long haul. Plus I can see things through the eyes of my stepchild a little better.”- Dallas Retreat

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